Conservation and Community.
With love from Africa.

You don’t have to be a Jane Goodall or Mandela to leave a legacy in Africa. You also don't have to donate thousands of dollars to worthy organizations. Of course, if you have the means then don’t let us stop you! But if you’re wondering, “how can I help Africa?”, you change the future simply by traveling with us, as we ensure that your legacy lives on in Africa long after you depart. Here's how we do it...


Elephant Havens

One of our beneficiaries is Elephant Havens - Botswana's only elephant orphanage that has made great strides toward the preservation of the African elephant by rescuing orphaned and abandoned elephants, reducing human-elephant conflict, and protecting wild habitats from human encroachment.

Founded in 2018 by Americans Debra Stevens, her husband Scott Jackson and local Guide Boago Poloko, Elephant Havens has experienced a rush of rescues in recent times. One need not look further than a baby elephant's feeding schedule, to realize the magnitude of the work this NPO does.

A baby elephant adds roughly two pounds of body weight each day after birth. This requires full-time handlers feeding a young calf every 3 hours around the clock - and unlike the human world, this intensive feeding scheme doesn’t improve after the first six weeks!

This is intensive yet equally rewarding work, as Elephant Havens has an excellent track record in rearing young elephants before releasing them back into the wild once they’re ready.


Community Upliftment

Elephant Havens has not only welcomed new orphans into their care, they've also grown to serve two schools, and secure a new school bus. This has made a huge difference in school attendance rates as the little ones no longer must walk miles through a wildlife corridor to get to school safely.

In one of their most recent updates, Shorobe Primary School (which serves more than 400 students) has been repainted inside and out. In addition to this 'facelift' the original historic 1963 school building and classroom from pre-independence days, has been restored and brought back to use. Each classroom block has been named after a different elephant orphan at Elephant Havens.

The impact of donor support is felt not only by a young short-tailed orphan named Makoba, who escaped a leopard only to lose a portion of his tail, but also by the youth and local people of Botswana—many of whom are now steady advocates for these elephants after seeing first-hand what a positive impact a conservation mindset can bring to a community and a country.


Uthando SA

Uthando SA is a Cape Town-based NGO that creates links between tourism and community development projects by facilitating group visits to development projects. The hope is that some visitors become regular donors, and to those who visit once, their impact is felt greatly.

Uthando means love, and through experiences of connecting people, the aim is to spread seeds of love, kindness and understanding. They strive to be an example of inspirational travel that connects visitors with communities in an authentic and culturally sensitive way that leaves a lasting positive impact for visitors and locals alike.

According to James Fernie, director of Uthando SA, "we cannot let the scale of the problems around us lull us into inertia.” Since 2008, Uthando has been provided “respectful, life-changing Philanthropic Educational Excursions around Cape Town.” They have enabled thousands of Uthando guests annually to experience South Africa’s unique spirit of Ubuntu ‘I am because we are.’


Pack for a Purpose

"When you Pack for a Purpose, every trip you take will begin and end with gratitude." Pack for a Purpose is an award-winning organization that assists travelers who want to expand their generosity beyond their own communities.

It has an impact worldwide and allows you to see supply lists for different destinations that are provided directly by the local community-based projects that receive and use the supplies. This encourages conscious traveling where you can make informed decisions when packing and take items that meet the needs of those who will be using them.

Since 2010, Pack for a Purpose has taken over 462,214 pounds of essential supplies in over 50 countries! For 5 pounds of luggage weight, you can bring educational supplies, first aid essentials, or even pet donations that are fit for purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

A portion of every booking made with Anywhere in Africa Safaris is automatically donated to Elephant Havens in Maun Botswana. We also arrange visits to this incredible place if you'd like to add a stop to your stay to see the life-changing work this organization does - something we'd highly recommend doing!
With over 30 years of experience, we work with establishments that give back meaningfully and sustainably. Many of our partner lodges and service providers involve the community in providing jobs and supporting upliftment projects that open further opportunities. We do not support or include any establishments that are involved in hunting of any kind. We also do not promote animal encounters where wildlife is kept for entertainment purposes and not to rehabilitate and rewild where possible.
If you've got a specific question or if you'd like to suggest an NGO that we should be supporting in Africa, please email Kirsty Gordon at