Conservation and Community.
With love from Africa.

A sense of community lets us help each other in a way we couldn’t on our own. We have witnessed a coming together with a common goal, all over the world. For the first time in our lives we are united in caring for each other, and our planet. If we destroy the planet, we destroy ourselves. As we move through these uncertain times, I believe we need to come out of this changed for the better. We need to encourage respect, empathy, tolerance and love. The aim for sustainable tourism and ecotourism is to provide development in the tourism industry that brings a positive impact to both the local people and wildlife. This offers our guests the opportunity to appreciate the natural landscapes, wildlife and local culture of an area. It is there to promote the conservation of these natural resources for future generations. By traveling with Anywhere in Africa Safaris, your legacy will live on in Africa long after you depart.

Elephant Havens 1

Elephant Havens

Elephant Havens is an orphanage that does more than just save young orphaned and abandoned elephants. Through habitat protection, community outreach, and the rescue and hand-rearing of young elephants, this organisation aims to become a leading voice in wildlife conservation awareness and protection. They believe in creating a world where African elephants and local communities co-exist in harmony, through educational programs, collaboration with local farmers and community inclusion.


We Adopted Tshepiso

Kirsty first met Tshepiso in November 2019 at Elephant Havens. Back then this young elephant was the aggressive and scared ''crazy girl''. It is believed that her mother and sibling were possibly killed by humans, which explains why little Tshepiso has a difficult time trusting her handlers. Since then she has warmed up to her handlers and has discovered a love for oranges, a fruit she can smell from a mile away.

Conservation 4

Uthando SA

South Africa is a friendly nation, yet behind many smiles, are acute social challenges, with millions living in poverty. Motivated by love, compassion and respect for our common humanity, Uthando South Africa seeks to offer sustainable solutions to these challenges. This award-winning model of responsible tourism and traveling philanthropy, links tourism and community development, through culturally sensitive philanthropic tours which shine a light on the many deserving, unsung community heroes.

Pack for a Purpose

Pack for a Purpose

Travel has a big impact in the communities you visit thanks to Pack for a Purpose. All they ask is that you use the available space in your luggage to provide essential supplies to the community you visit. For 5 pounds of luggage weight you can bring much-needed educational supplies, first aid essentials, or even pet donations. Since 2010, Pack for a Purpose has distributed over 427, 108 pounds of essentials to those in need across 60 countries.